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Daggett Property Inspections was founded on the principle that a home buyer should have access to a professional and thorough inspection of the property they are purchasing performed by an inspector who is able to properly educate them on the condition of the property. We strive to fill this role for a reasonable fee and in a timely manner well exceeding the minimum standards of practice set forth by the industry standards of practice.

As a former contractor there had been too many times in which I had seen situations when a home owner had purchased a property without an inspection or paid an inspector who performed a poor or inadequate inspection. Many times this ended up costing thousands of dollars and caused a great deal of stress and damaged confidence in the condition of the homes of those who found themselves in this situation. This brought about a conviction that they should be better served. In starting Daggett Property Inspections I resolved to perform every inspection with the time, attention to detail and thoroughness necessary for a quality inspection and to deliver a quality and easy to follow report. Daggett Property Inspections operates with a firm belief that when purchasing real estate a person must have a qualified, sincere and honest team around them and an inspector is one of the key members of that team. Every buyer should receive the value that they pay for and their inspector should not just be a reporter but also an educator who helps them fully understand the true condition of a property. Our inspectors are available to the customer after the inspection and anytime a question needs an answer we will be there to help find it. At Daggett Property Inspections our success is based on a reputation for performing quality inspections, producing informative and easy to follow inspection reports and treating every customer with respect and a high level of professionalism. It matters a great deal to us to be confident that we are offering a quality service in supporting our customers in a way that they can rely on and that I can be proud of. This is what I believe and this mindset goes into every inspection that we perform.


Gary Daggett
Owner and Lead Inspector
Daggett Property Inspections


5 thoughts on “About Daggett Property Inspections

  1. Hello
    I work with Reliant Realty and have had many agents recommend you for home inspections. I have a home in Franklin that my buyer would like an inspection on. Please contact me to schedule it if you are interested. Thanks

  2. I will be needing a home inspector for my team in the next couple of months. My number is 7083659859. Look forward to doing business.


  3. Thank you for the excellent Home Inspection on our new home. Our contractor stated it was the most thorough and in-depth Inspection Report he’d ever seen! Thanks to your meticulous report we feel at ease knowing the house we bought is in great condition!

  4. Daggett Property Inspection was highly recommended . As a professional building inspector and having past home inspection work myself, I got to know who I am hiring for the official home inspection of property I was interested in. While I invited another profesional building inspection colleague to do unofficial inspection with me, we were all simply affirming the DPI findings. DPI produced thorough work in finding life safety issues and accurately figuring out the RUL (remaining useful life) of the home appliances/fixtures/equipment/elements.
    Myself included, 2 unofficial inspectors with engineering backgrounds affirms the official home inspection services of DPI.
    No home buyer’s regerts here. Thank you DPI.

  5. This is my 2nd go round with Gary and I will ALWAYS going forward be using him. He is a very knowledgeable, dependable, honest, detailed oriented and above all well worth it! He came recommend to me by my realtor. When I physically saw what he actually does…. Yes he is a keeper! I will always recommend him to anyone!
    Thanks Gary… YOU ROCK DUDE!!

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