Inspection Services and Prices


Daggett Property Inspections offers quality comprehensive inspections of residential and commercial properties. Customers are always welcomed and encouraged to walk the property with the inspector during the inspection (with certain limitations for safety). We strive to educate our customers as best we can as we believe that it is our job to inform and teach our customers not just just give them a report.

To schedule an inspection contact Gary Daggett @ 708.915.9942 or e-mail at


The Following is a Current List Inspection Fees


Single Family Home

up to 1499 sq. ft.             $350.00

 1500-1999 sq ft                $375.00

2000-2499 sq. ft.             $400.00

2500-2999 sq. ft.             $450.00

3000-3499 sq. ft.             $500.00

3500-3999 sq. ft.             $550.00

4000-4499 sq. ft.             $600.00

4500 sq. ft. and above…….Call for price



up to 1000 sq. ft.             $275.00

1001 – 1499 sq. ft.             $325.00

1601 – 2000 sq. ft.             $375.00

Chicago (East of I-94)

up to 1499 sq. ft.             $400.00

1500 – 1999 sq. ft.             $450.00

2000-2499 sq. ft.               $525.00

Over 2500 sq. ft.             Call for price


Pre-Listing Inspection

(Includes: Inspection of major systems and components and reporting of deficient items or items in need of repair. A detailed report is not included in this price, instead we supply a punch list of items and some photos as needed)

Up to 1999 sq. ft.             $235

2001 – 3499 sq. ft.             $280

3500 – 4499 sq. ft.             $350

4500 sq. ft. and above….call for price


Please call for a quote for inspection of commercial property.

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