Commercial Inspection Services & Prices


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Daggett Property Inspections offers quality comprehensive inspections of commercial properties. We inspect everything from multi-family investment properties to large commercial, medical and industrial complexes. Our prices are competitive and we offer ASTM 2018 reporting format.

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The Following is a Current List of Base Inspection Fees

Multi-family Property Pricing

2-4 Units             $250 per unit

 5-8 Units             $235 per unit

9-12 Units            $215 per unit

Over 12 units Call for Quote

Additional Costs

Garage $50

Basement Area $100

Commercial Property

Commercial Properties prices are based on the type, size and mix of office/retail space and Warehouse/Manufacturing space. 

Commercial office/retail/medical

Commercial Space up to 5000 sq. ft.                          $0.32 Per sq. ft.

Commercial Space from 5001- 10,000 sq. ft.               $0.30 per sq. ft.

Commercial Space from 10,001 – 19999 sq. ft.             $0.24 per sq. ft.

Over 20,000 sq. ft. please call for specific quote

Warehouse Space

Warehouse Space up to 7000 sq. ft.                      $1400

Warehouse Space from 7001- 20,000 sq. ft.               $0.18 per sq. ft.

Warehouse Space from 20001 – 40,000 sq. ft.             $0.16 per sq. ft.

Over 40,000 sq. ft. please call for specific price quote

Pricing above includes all of the components of a standard inspection: structure, major systems and components, and reporting of deficient items or items in need of repair. ASTM 2018 reporting standards included. All mixed-use properties (retail or office combined with manufacturing and/or warehouse spaces) will be priced according to the percentage of the square footage mix. Where needed, specific specialist contractors will be included on the inspection team and may require a small increase in the pricing (i.e., roofer, electrician, plumber, etc.) 

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